Realistic Rural Animal Characters made form quality soft plush with squeaker.
The Roadkill are a rural fun design with stuffless bodies and there is a rubber ball for added bite in their head.

Country Dog Toys

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Roadkill - Stuffless with Squeaker
Roadkill Fox - Small 13” 33cm DT4049
Roadkill Badger - Large 13” 33cm DT4047
Roadkill Fox - Large 12” 30cm DT4048
Roadkill Hare - Small 12” 30cm DT4050

Country Character Dog Toys
- with Squeaker

Fox - Small 10” 25cm DT4355
Fox - Large 14” 35cm DT4567
Rat - Small 10” 25cm DT4031
Squirrel - Large 10” 25cm DT4021
Pheasant - Large 13” 33cm DT4568
Rabbit - Large11” 28cm DT4566